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Workshop on Effective Case Management of Children in Difficult Situations

Armenia | Armenia Legal Education and Active Participation | 8 Nov 2018

On October 25-26, 2018 Project Harmony initiated a workshop on effective case management of children in difficult situations. The event was organized for all stockholders involved in the referral and management process, representatives from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, UNICEF, Child Protection Units, regional units of family, women and children rights protection, as well as for different NGOs.

The workshop was preceded by the several months of negotiations with the MoES, examination of students’ personal files of Vardashen Republican Educational Complex #1 to identify the weaknesses in the referral process of child along with the case management process. Preliminary communication with the French-Armenian Foundation, which is also involved in the reforms of Vardashen School was maintained. Two PHI experts, involved in the above mentioned works have prepared a report with findings and suggestions. The final report was presented on October 25-26 during the two-day workshop for the above mentioned agencies and policy makers.

The event was notable for attendance of high-ranking officials and active participation of the audience in discussions and group works. Based on Vardashen students’ cases the whole referral process, including the work with a child and family provided by child protection departments, police, social case managers were presented, the gaps in this process were highlighted as well.