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TPD-TEL Program Hosts Summer Institute

Georgia | Transcaucasus Professional Development for Teachers of English Language | 6 Jul 2016

On July 1-5, 2016 the TPD-TEL program hosted a Summer Institute at the Arthurs Aghveran Resort in Armenia. Eighteen teachers from Abkhazia; Georgia and Armenia and 10 Armenian Access program students participated in a 4-day follow-up camp which included further training, teaching and observations. The purpose of the 4-day Summer Institute was to further develop the teaching skills of the group of Abkhaz, Armenian and Georgian English-language-teachers and build upon the contacts and professional relationships of these three groups. Training activities of the first half of the Summer Institute focused on reflection and simultaneously promoted English language development enriching content and good core teaching practices. During the remaining two days, the camp brought together the English teacher trainees with ten Armenian Access Program students for sessions that combined three elements: 1) an observed practicum where teachers applied their learning with students who benefitted from this opportunity for additional English language instruction; 2) personalized professional feedback (oral as well as written) for participant teachers from both, the teacher trainer as well as the peers; 3) recreational activities (all in English) for students facilitated by the Camp Recreation Director with the assistance of a Camp Counselor.