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Nor Hachn Access Students Hosting High-Profile Guests

Armenia | English Access Microscholarship Program | 16 Nov 2017

On November 16, 2017, the Access students in Nor Hachn, Armenia hosted a group of international and local guests: Mr. John Silver, the Regional English Language Officer from Kiev, Mr. Anthony Tranchina, a State Department Representative from Washington, D.C., Ms. Hasmik Mikayelyan of the US Embassy in Yerevan, and Ms. Mariam Martirosyan, Armenia Country Director of Project Harmony International. First the kids were offered an opportunity to interact with Mr. Tranchina and directed him their questions, exploring a lot of details about his international travel during Foreign Service, the languages that he has learned, the new skills he has obtained, the interesting people he has met, etc. Afterwards, Mr. Silver conducted a mini lesson with the students, talking to them about symbols as a unique system of communication. At the end of the lesson Mr. John Beauparlant facilitated a discussion during which the students worked in small teams trying to identify potential advantages and disadvantages of hypothetically adopting English as an official language of Armenia. The students summarized the lesson describing to the guests the various activities they have been doing during their English Access sessions. The guests thanked the students and their teacher for the great lesson and commended the students on their motivation, diligence and maturity.