PH International

US Russia Speakers Program Staff

Nadezhda Fomina
Lead Program Manager

Nadezhda Fomina is a Lead Program Manager at PH International. She manages multiple educational and cultural programs and facilitates cooperative efforts with partners, sponsors and program participants.

Nadya’s involvement with PH began in 1998 when she served as the Domestic Violence Community Partnership program coordinator and office manager. In this position she created and supported the program’s website and led program implementation in Petrozavodsk, Karelia. She has also worked as the Community Policing Training Initiative regional coordinator, where she executed all phases of the program in Karelia including promotion, planning, budgeting, and event management. Her extensive knowledge of computer programming and software systems served PH well when, as the Community Connections (CC) Website Coordinator, she oversaw the content of the CC program website and coordinated its development. Over the last several years, Nadya has taken a leadership position at PH, managing a wide range of projects. Her extensive experience organizing seminars and training events facilitates her (often remote) management of logistical arrangements, always with the finest attention to details.

Nadya holds a diploma in mathematics from Petrozavodsk State University and is fluent in English. Outside of work Nadya, along with her husband and two children, enjoys traveling and spending time with friends.