PH International


Yakov Ostanin
IT for Youth Project Manager

Yakov Ostanin joined PH International in the summer of 2010 and is now the lead manager of the Microsoft funded IT for Youth program. Yasha provides overall project management, develops annual proposals, ensures deliverables and milestones are achieved, coordinates cooperative efforts with Microsoft and other funders as well as leads financial and programmatic reporting. Yasha has degrees in social pedagogy and psychology and graduated from the esteemed Russian National Research University’s College of Advanced Economics emphasizing on the management of social projects. He has extensive experience implementing Russian and international educational youth projects aimed at improving access to information, training, ICT skills and professional development. Yasha has been intimately involved with the development and promotion of global initiatives such as "Computers for Schools", "One Laptop per Child”, "Next Generation Schools", " Robotic Engineering: Engineering and Technical Personnel of Innovative Russia” and Intel’s Teach to the Future program.

Outside of work Yasha is an avid reader, enjoys exploring foreign countries, tap dancing, meeting new friends and in general focusing his energy on activities that help him learn more about other cultures, societies with an emphasis on constant personal growth and perfection!