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Honor the Past and Invest in the Future:
თავფურცელი ვინ ვართ ჩვენ რას ვაკეთებთ
სად ვმუშაობთ როგორ ვეხმარებით როგორ შეგიძლიათ დახმარება სიახლეები
North Caucasus Entrepreneur Capacity Building Program
ქვეყანა : რუსეთი
თარიღი: 01.09.2010 - 31.12.2012
ვებ.გვერდი: http://ncep.ph-int.org/

The North Caucasus Entrepreneur Capacity Building Program (NCEP) brought together the skills, perspectives and resources of the private sector (represented by Cisco), the non-profit sector (represented by PH International and local partners), and the public sector (represented by USAID) to address development challenges in the North Caucasus region of Russia. The program was designed to reduce the threat of violence in the North Caucasus by increasing employment in the Medium, Small and Micro Enterprise Sector by providing business training opportunities for people from "at-risk" groups, including the unemployed, women and the disadvantaged.  PH International worked with local universities to establish eight Cisco Entrepreneur Institutes in a total of five regions in the North Caucasus and trained individuals in how to start and/or expand their businesses using online learning tools developed by Cisco Systems.

17.12.2012 | The XIV Annual Godwin Wong Business Plan Competition
Meet Ekaterina Borisevich - a graduate of "Starting a Business" course of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University. On November 29th she has won the special nomination "The Best Business Plan in the Sphere of Social Business" with the business plan of Nursery school «PSLUshka».
15.12.2012 | CISCO certificates at North-Caucasus Federal University
Certification ceremony was held on the December 13 in Stavropol. IPM Julia Mirushkina together with facilitators hosted the ceremony.
26.11.2012 | 'Growing A Business' course at Dagestan State Institute of National Economy
36 students attend NCEP-PH course for advanced learners of up-to-date business practices in the Republic of Dagestan.
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