Welcome to VCP!

VCP is designed to connect students and teachers from Turkey and New England to develop new insights and understanding of current events, international issues, and cross-cultural perspectives. By participating in VCP, students and teachers will develop transformative 21st century skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork while integrating the use of technology as part of the learning process.

VCP is geared towards freshman and sophomore students and will take place during the 2014 spring academic semester. VCP consists of 4 online sessions from January-May, 2014 that will focus on a topic of interest to teens in both countries. Turkish and U.S. schools will be joined as partners in the project. The final outcome of the VCP project will be a virtual compilation of digital stories between Turkish and U.S. partners that recaps discussions, perspectives, and community-based project experiences.

The final project will enable students and teachers to reflect on their new insights and understanding of global issues and cross-cultural perspectives, helping to break down stereotypes and build international relationships. To learn more about PH International, please visit us at www.ph-int.org. For more information about VCP, please view the 'Program Information' file.

Session Themes

#1 Bullying and Conflict in Schools

#2 Environmental Sustainability

#3 Disability Rights

#4 Civic Engagement and Volunteerism

For more information about VCP, click the 'Program Information' file below.

For more information contact:
stacie clemens, program manager | stacie.clemens@ph-int.org
5197 Main Street, Unit 6 | Waitsfield, Vermont | 05673 | (802) 496-4545 ext. 107