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Year Two of GNML Online Launches!

USA | Global New Media Lab | 1 Oct 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013 signifies the launch of the second year of the U.S. Department of State funded Global New Media Lab and the start of GNML Online Session #1. PH International is excited to once again welcome Dr. Rob Williams as Lead Instructor, Stacie Clemens as Program Manager and Nicole Baker as Program Assistant. THe tri of PH International staff have craeted a revised curriculum for the 10 session online program aimed to provide current FLEX, A-SMYLE, and YES students in: * Developing 21st century skills in social/digital media technologies * Learning how to use social media as a powerful tool to advocate for social change * Developing a Social Media for Social Change Campaign * Collaborating with peers from around the world We are very excited for the many new features of GNML Online being launched this year! Highlights include Virtual Guest Speakers and our GNML Online Volunteer and YES Alumni from Egypt, Mahmoud Rady! Not to mention that this year, PH International's Chief Information Officer, Vasiliy Fokin based in Moscow, Russia developed the in-house GNML Online classroom platform! Visit us on the web at