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2013 GNML Alumni Teaching Others!

USA | Global New Media Lab | 26 Nov 2013

Twenty-six students participated in the 2013 GNML Online and Youth TechCamp components of Global New Media Lab. As part of their follow-on work they have created and implemented plans for teachers others back home how to use social media for social change.

Nathaniel Cooper has returned to Liberia and trained 20 students during the first session of his project. Included in the first session was an introduction to web 2.0, internet safety, and online etiquette. Nathanial taught students how to set up their own accounts and use Facebook, Email, and Twitter to advocate for social change. Gregory Kitt served as an inspiration speaker. He talked about the uses of social media in Canada and his personal experience using social media for a good cause. Nathanial is using the book provided during the Youth TechCamp ‘Dragonfly Effect’ by Aaker Smith to assist in this training.

Additionally during the first session, Nathaniel provided basic leadership and public speaking training using materials provided during Youth TechCamp sessions. He plans to implement a community project with trained students that advocates for social change related to a specific theme. Visit the Facebook page he has created for his project at