PH International

My Future: How a 2 week trip to America changed my plans for the future.

USA | U.K. Youth Entrepreneurship Program | 4 Oct 2012

After going to America in the summer I found that my view on starting a business has changed drastically. I must admit before the trip I was intrigued in the business world and thought extremely highly of it. I never saw my self being a business women, as my aim in life was to become a paramedic. However, the two weeks I spent touring businesses has 100% changed my opinion. I now know that just because my passion is medicine, I don't have to limit my self to it. I realised that I can start my own business, after university, around medicine and emergency help. In the future I aim to start my own first aid school. As a first aider myself, I have been through the process of the required classes you need to become a recognised first responder. I felt that teaching this vital information across the country should be done! There are workplaces all over that must have a qualified first aiders on duty at all time, and I feel that there aren't enough companies offering training. Additionally, I feel children should be given the opportunity to learn these skills, in school and out, which would be another part to my business. As I learnt in America, it's not quite that simple. Having an idea and then creating a business requires a lot of time and effort, as well as an extreme amount of planning, but this is a topic I am enthusiastic about and feel that combining two of my interests into my future would be fantastic. PH international, who guided expertly around Vermont businesses, taught me never to limit my self and to always aim high. I can't thank them enough for all the inspiration they gave me and the ideas that may guide me for my future.