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PH Staff Facilitate VCP Orientations in New England and Turkey | yiep us | 19 Dec 2013

Over the next few weeks, Program Staff will travel across New England meeting with high school classes who are excitedly waiting the first session of Virtual Classroom Project (VCP)!

Our Staff will be meeting with teachers and students at Stoneham High School (MA), the Pioneer Charter School of Science (MA), Mount Abraham Union High School (VT), Harwood Union High School (VT), Bethel High School (CT), and Champlain Valley Union High School (VT).

Program Manager Stacie Clemens will be traveling to Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey in January, 2014 to meet with PH's VCP partner, the Turkish Education Association (TED) and to facilitate VCP orientations with participating high schools.

We are currently looking for two more schools to participate in VCP. If you are interested and would like to learn more about participating, please contact Program Manager Stacie Clemens at (802) 496-4545.
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GNML Online - Five Sessions Completed and 5 More to Go! | global new media | 7 Dec 2013

GNML Online has engaged approximately 200 students from over 45 countries since the program launched in October 2013! As we approach the start of the new year, we also mark the halfway point of our online program.
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PH International to Host Scottish Study Abroad Professionals in March, 2014 | ssa | 6 Dec 2013

PH International is pleased to announce the award of the Scottish Study Abroad program from the U.S. Department of State/U.S. Embassy London Public Affairs Office. During March 8-22, 2014, six Scottish educators will participate in professional visits in Washington D.C., Vermont and Massachusetts.
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PH International to Host UK Students in August, 2014 | uk youlead | 6 Dec 2013

PH International will be hosting a group of teens from the U.K. as part of the Young Leaders Program. This US Embassy-funded program will take place from August 2-16, 2014.

Ten up-and-coming young leaders from disadvantaged communities across the U.K. will travel to Vermont, Massachusetts and Washington D.C. to expand their understanding of leadership, create greater awareness of additional models of programs and approaches to promote leadership to fellow youth and to have personal experiences in the U.S. that can offset dangerous misconceptions that can exist among their British peers. Sr. Program Manager, Renee Berrian and Program Manager, Hannah Corey will facilitate this program and connect these U.K. students with numerous rural and metropolitan youth empowerment organizations.

For more information about this program or to be a host family in Vermont, please contact, Renee Berrian at
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Civil Society Organizations Support PH International's Global New Media Lab | global new media | 6 Dec 2013

Global New Media Lab (#GNML), funded by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, is pleased to announce the participation of numerous international organizations as Virtual Guest Speakers during the second year of GNML Online, the online component of Global New Media Lab.
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2013 GNML Alumni Teaching Others! | global new media | 26 Nov 2013

Twenty-six students participated in the 2013 GNML Online and Youth TechCamp components of Global New Media Lab. As part of their follow-on work they have created and implemented plans for teachers others back home how to use social media for social change.

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Year Two of GNML Online Launches! | global new media | 1 Oct 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013 signifies the launch of the second year of the U.S. Department of State funded Global New Media Lab and the start of GNML Online Session #1. PH International is excited to once again welcome Dr. Rob Williams as Lead Instructor, Stacie Clemens as Program Manager and Nicole Baker as Program Assistant. THe tri of PH International staff have craeted a revised curriculum for the 10 session online program aimed to provide current FLEX, A-SMYLE, and YES students in:

* Developing 21st century skills in social/digital media technologies
* Learning how to use social media as a powerful tool to advocate for social change
* Developing a Social Media for Social Change Campaign
* Collaborating with peers from around the world

We are very excited for the many new features of GNML Online being launched this year! Highlights include Virtual Guest Speakers and our GNML Online Volunteer and YES Alumni from Egypt, Mahmoud Rady!

Not to mention that this year, PH International's Chief Information Officer, Vasiliy Fokin based in Moscow, Russia developed the in-house GNML Online classroom platform! Visit us on the web at
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Welcome to GNML 2013! | global new media | 25 Sep 2013

Meet Stacie, Dr. Rob, and Nicole, listen to our quick overview of our exciting Global New Media Lab 10 session online program and Vermont-based Youth Tech Camp (April 2014), and learn the secret GNML group cheer (at the very end).
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Award ceremony for student winners | yiep us | 15 Aug 2013

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 YIEP competitions in Turkey! See the award in real time at
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Youth TechCamp Participants Ready to Teach Social Media for Social Change | global new media | 27 Apr 2013

During the 2013 Youth TechCamp each student developed an individual strategic action plan (SAP) framework to include specific and measurable goals, intended results, target audiences, potential challenges and resources. During the final Youth Techcamp session students determined what action steps need to be completed to achieve their goals. When determining each step, students identified specific and real organizations, individuals, venues and other resources to serve as the basis for their support system.

“It’s like a puzzle- by the end of GNML it all comes together. You return to your home community with the whole picture. And then you can break it into pieces again and show other people how to make a picture from all these little pieces.”

-Aleksandra Klevakova (Sasha) and Kamilya Isaliyeva
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