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Starting the road is already moving forward!

Ukraine | YouthSpark Ukraine | 15 Jul 2017




"Yana K. (Vinnytsya) took a Web Design and Web Programming training course at the IDEA Center of NGO "Zakhyst” (Protection). When applying for the training at the IDEA Center, Yana could not immediately formulate her wishes about the goals and tasks she would like to solve. They were more intuitive than realistic expectations.... However! After completing the training course, within a month, Yana was able to create websites - yet simple, but quite commercially capable. Also, Yana has opened up a lot of opportunities to help her friends solve problems with the implementation of their hobbies. Implementation in cash equivalents! Recently, Yana helped her friend to create a website on which she put out her papier mache products. There were already a lot of site views, so the friends hope that there will be orders as well ... Starting the road is already moving forward! "- says Olha Shevchuk, coordinator of the IDEA Center in NGO "Zakhyst” (Protection).


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