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Information Technology Programs

Since 1996, PH International has been actively engaged in technology development and training programs. Whether working with schools or with community groups, PH incorporates information technology and Web 2.0 tools as an indispensable tool for creating and nurturing an informed, civil society. PH International has helped establish more than 1,000 Internet access points in Eurasia, and facilitates hundreds of online forums that support professional development, cross-cultural exchange, and innovative solutions to community challenges. This access to information and expression brings infinite possibilities for education, intercultural dialogue and professional development. Programs focus on practical skills development, critical thinking and other 21st century skills.

Current Programs

The IDEA project powered by Microsoft Youth Spark in Ukraine focuses on creating new venture, employment, or education opportunities for young people. Economically disadvantaged youth in Ukraine is left behind in accessing the social and economic benefits brought by advancing IT technologies.

Past Programs

Educational Development Programs

PH International's educational initiatives provide unique opportunities for both students and education professionals to establish academic and community partnerships that encourage exploration of cultural diversity and provide the opportunity to share common experiences. These initiatives help prepare young adults to become business and community leaders, while fostering a deep appreciation of foreign cultures. PH has displayed a long-standing commitment to education-focused initiatives. Current programs are enriched by utilizing a vast network of technical resources to implement creative and innovative projects that support education in a digital world. Professional exchange opportunities reinforce online partnerships, peer tutoring, internships and more. PH remains dedicated to maintaining an open dialogue among students and teachers of the US and others around the world.

Current Programs

Past Programs

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