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The IDEA project powered by Microsoft Youth Spark in Ukraine focuses on creating new venture, employment, or education opportunities for young people. Economically disadvantaged youth in Ukraine is left behind in accessing the social and economic benefits brought by advancing IT technologies. This is especially true for youth and children living in families hit by poverty, those left without parental care, living and working on the streets, having disabilities, or experiencing other difficult life situations. These issues often mean disadvantaged youth enter the employment age unprepared to be competitive in the modern labor market. As a result, these young people are disproportionally unemployed or have underpaid jobs. The IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark helps youth to gain skills necessary for successful employment, start or continue education, or generate their own income as entrepreneurs.

Program News

Presentation of Kodu Game Lab during ITBabyFest in Zaporizhzhya | 14 Oct 2017

During the ITBabyFest, the first IT-festival for children in Zaporizhzhya, the IDEA Training Center of NGO Institute of Public Development ‘Ortega-y-Gasset’ made a presentation on using the visual designer of the HomeGame Lab, which allows participants of ‘IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark’ creating 3D games without profound knowledge of the KODU programming language. Participants of the IT-festival, including parents and their children asked a lot of questions and were interested in taking part in further training programs of the IDEA Center.
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KODU GAME LAB for school students | 4 Oct 2017

A presentation of Kodu Game Lab for students of the 7th grade of secondary school №11 of Tokmak city was held on October 10. The trainer taught the students how to create KODU GAME LAB computer games and tools, and showed how they work. The students forgot about the ring for the class break and dreamed about creating their own characters. Everyone without exception was struck by how fast on bright landscapes, characters of the game, interesting visual effects and even sound support can be created at the computer. Guys and girls have plunged into the fantastic world of adventure, which previously seemed inaccessible to ordinary schoolchildren. The children were so enthralled with the theme of the event that they expressed their wish to study programming in the future in more detail.
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Kodu training for students of Kyiv Higher Professional School of Technology and Clothing Design | 23 Sep 2017

Within the framework of the IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark, a training was held on the basis of the Kyiv Higher Professional School of Technology and Clothing Design on the topic "Introduction to the Kodu Programming Visual Environment". The event was conducted by a trainer of the IDEA Training Center of NGO ‘Volunteer’. During the class, students got acquainted with the new platform for programming, the process and the main stages of working in it, and created their characters in the game space."
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Training for children with special needs | 14 Sep 2017

On September 14, 2017, a trainer of the IDEA Center of NGO ‘Chayka’ (Gull) again visited Klevan specialized boarding school for children. The trainer of the IDEA Rivne Educational Center Oksana Salivonchyk, together with the Rivne District Center for Social Services for the Children and Youth Family, again held a training session for students of this educational institution. During the training, IDEA trainer introduced the participants to one of the most popular professions, a programmer. Students were able to try themselves as a programmer by performing simple tasks. It was especially useful for children to work as a single team. While forming simple logistical blocks children developed logical thinking and imagination. Teamwork helped children understand that it's easy to program !!! Teachers of the institution were also involved in the process, and they were very surprised how easy the children were able to cope with the difficult tasks. The event was conducted through the IDEA project with the support of Microsoft YouthSpark.
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Success Stories

Gift made with my own hands | 26 Sep 2017

A young IDEA training participant from Tokmak shares his story: "My younger brother loves to play games – he constantly asks our mom to buy him new games. However, these games are quite expensive, so it is not always possible to buy these games. After the Kodu training that I took at the IDEA Center in Tokmak, I decided to try to make a game for my brother. I asked him what exactly he would like to see in this game and how he wants to play. I spent about two weeks of time, and on his birthday I presented the new game to my brother. I did not expect such a strong reaction! My brother was very happy and said that now he will ask all the time to make different games that he could play and share with his friends."
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The best presentation! | 26 Sep 2017

Kristina Hlushkova, a schoolgirl from Tokmak, says: "Thanks to the Kodu program, I received the best grade in my biology class in school. I had to make and present a paper on microorganisms, and I wanted to come up to my presentation creatively. Fortunately, the IDEA Center of NGO "Institute of Public Development "Ortega-y-Gasset" was organizing a training session on how to work with the Kodu program. Participating in the training helped me quickly master the program, and I made great visuals for my biology presentation. I developed the landscape and different characters on the topic of my biology paper. Then I also made screenshots and inserted them into my presentation. The whole class was delighted, and I will remember for a long time the smile on the face of the eternally gloomy biology teacher!”
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