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News | Program: YouthSpark Ukraine

Seminar "Free opportunities for Programmer Skills Development" for the 10-11th grade students of Kovel City School # 8 | 27 Feb 2017

On February 23, IDEA center "Volyn’s Perspectives", together with experts of Kovel City Employment Center, held a seminar "Free opportunities for Programmer Skills Development: Prometheus Resources, and Hour of Code" for the 10-11th grade students of Kovel City School # 8. The students got familiar with virtual platforms, where they can start their own way as programming beginners. In a fun way and in the form of practical work, alternating with on-line lectures of Harvard University professors, young people will be able draw new knowledge on the way to getting their dream profession - a programmer.
Also, the school’s teachers received information about free resources, ready planned lessons, and handouts, which were developed by Microsoft specialists, for use in the educational process.
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Programming for students of Rivne Agricultural College | 27 Feb 2017

On February 27, 2017, the trainer of IDEA educational Center in Rivne, held a training on programming for the 3rd year students of Rivne Agricultural College. When performing simple tasks, students developed visualization skills. Also, the students were able to get familiar with a free platform that they can use during their studies in college. The students enjoyed a simple process and forms of presenting the training material, and some are even got interested in learning a more complex material.
The training was held thanks to support from IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark.
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Development of effective presentations with the help of Microsoft PowerPoint | 22 Feb 2017

IDEA Center of NGO Volunteer held a training session for students Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University at which students improved skills in creating presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. Participants learned about the tools to create a bright, unique design and effective presentation, about the basic requirements for a presentation, of various methods of slide show, and more.
It gave opportunity to students to gain knowledge that they can use during the presentation of their reports at seminars, conferences, "round tables", and visualisation of their research. Participants learned to highlight key information, and organize it for effective representation. At the end of the class, students created their presentations on the chosen topics.
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KODU GAME LAB training for students of 5-8 grades at the Avhustynivka School (Zaporizhzhya Oblast) | 15 Feb 2017

IDEA Center of NGO Institute of Public Development ‘Ortega-y-Gasset’ conducted a training for students of 5-8 grades at the Avhustynivka School (Zaporizhzhya District) on programming in KODU. For children, this event was unusual, because earlier on science lessons they were not talking about creating computer games. The trainer spoke about the tools of the program KODU GAME LAB, and showed how to work with them. Students were amazed that complex programming can be easy, as the game. Under the guidance of the trainier, students were able to create the game’s characters and decorate the landscape.
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Training for the unemployed of at Rivne City Employmentt Center | 6 Feb 2017

On 6 February 2017, trainer of Rivne’s IDEA Educational Center, Oksana Salivonchyk, jointly with staff of the Rivne City Employment Center, held a training on computer literacy for the unemployed. Participants had the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to use a personal computer, the Internet system, practiced how to find the necessary information, and how, in the process of job search, to use the online resources and the interactive portal of the State Employment Service "Trud" (Labor). The trainer told the audience about how to review current vacancies for employment opportunities in Ukraine, and outlined the benefits of posting resumes on job search sites. Knowledge and skills obtained during the training should help every unemployed participant feel more confident in the labor market and establish an effective personal plan for a professional job search.
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Basics of Programing | 23 Oct 2016

Training "Basics of Programing" was held on October 17, 2016 by IDEA Center of NGO 'Parostok' (Sprout), working in Vinnytsya. The participants were students of Vinnytsia Institute of Economics and Social Sciences, of the Ukraina University. Durinng the trainning, youth gained knowledge and skills in coding that can be useful for their further study and work.
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Consultations for youth on job search in the Internet | 26 Aug 2016

Today, one of the key, and the most important and affordable ways to find work is searching for work in the Internet. There are many specialized resources, where one can pick up a suitable vacancy, post the resume, contact the employer. However, young people do not always have enough knowledge to make this search effective, which is why IDEA Center of NGO "Institute for Public Development" Ortega-y-Gasset " periodically provides consultations on job search online. During consultations held in August 2016 year, they addressed key areas of job search on the Internet and especially the use of each of these areas. Participants received tips on work with internet services for more efficient job search. After the consultations, participants can do a search for their dream work more efficient, safe, and effective.
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Hour of code for rural children | 15 Aug 2016

On August 11, 2016, the IDEA training center of Rivne-based NGO ‘Chayka’ (Gull) held a training session ‘Hour of Code’ at Klevan’s Central District Library for Children. Klevan is a rural area, and it does have much to offer to children in terms of CS training infrastructure. So children who attended the training very much appreciated this opportunity. During the training, they got familiar with new resources in creation of computer games and tried themselves in the role of coding specialists. When working on simple tasks, the trainees were able to create games on their own tastes.
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Contest Game 'Hour of Code' at the Svitanok Children's Summer Camp | 21 Jul 2016

In the Volyn Oblast, children make a good use of their summer vacation time. On July 21, 2016, Coordinator of IDEA Training Center affiliated with the NGO 'Volynski Persppektyvy, Natalia Lytvyna facilitated a contest game called 'Hour of Code'. During this exercise, youth participants divided in teams and learned basics of programing without any computer equipment. Creating algorithms contributed to the development of coding skills of the young participants.
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Scratch-programing | 1 Jul 2016

On June 27, 2016, IDEA Training Center of NGO "Ternopil Oblast branch of Labor Associations of Youth” held a training session for school age students on the theme ‘Scratch-Programing’. Students learned about the Scratch-programing, worked with ‘sprites’, and earned how to create scripts and animate the ‘sprites’." The participants learned instructions in the ‘Scratch’ cycle, and learned to use variables and arithmetic blocks to create scripts.
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