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IT services and applications for time planning at IDP HUB in Tokmak, with IDEA Project assistance.

Ukraine | YouthSpark Ukraine | 30 Jun 2017

The world has been dramatically accelerating recently. Most people simply can not cope with the infiltration of information, tasks, ideas, and opportunities that dump them. Therefore, the ability to effectively manage time become of utmost importance. It is important to be able to distribute time so that, in the first place, the really important things that are moving us forward, and then all the others, are actually fulfilled.
Services and applications are now actively beginning to appear, which allows one to organize lists, plan a day, and control the execution of tasks. The trainer told about the benefits of such programs, the main tools for working with them, the ability to synchronize these applications between the PC and the smartphone at the IDP HUB TOKMAK resource center in Tokmak, and answered all the questions of those present.


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