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The Hero of the Omsk IDEA Center

Russia | Information Dissemination and Equal Access (IDEA) | 30 Dec 2009

Leonid Mikhailov



Leonid Mikhailov responded to the online ad inviting volunteer helpers to work at the IDEA Center in Omsk. Leonid suffers from vision loss but it didn’t prevent him from completing an IDEA training course and becoming a competent PC user who now assists new IDEA trainees with their practical assignments.

Leonid Mikhailov invests much time and effort in independent study, using programming textbooks, given to him at the IDEA Center. Recently he got a job with a perfume company, and the IDEA Center staff workers hope that he will successfully complete the trial period and secure the job permanently. Leonid really enjoys his new work and has made many new friends. Yet, despite his busyness, he still finds time to help out at the IDEA Center and assist newcomers in mastering the computer.