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Better Qualifications for a Better Salary

Russia | Information Dissemination and Equal Access (IDEA) | 3 Jan 2010

Pyotr Logachyov in the IDEA Center


Chita State University

After taking Spreadsheet Fundamentals in the summer of 2009, Pyotr Logachyov successfully passed qualifying examinations improving his professional qualification.

In the summer of 2009, the IDEA Center of Chita State University held a course in Spreadsheet Fundamentals for local law enforcement officers. This course was especially relevant for them since they regularly process large volumes of statistical information and make samples from large amounts or data. Now they can do all these tasks quickly and well using MS Excel.

After the training Pyotr Logachyov, one of the alumni, successfully passed qualifying examinations, improving his professional qualification and thus securing a higher salary.