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"I have found a job thanks to IDEA Training Center", - Maria Muzhuk.

Ukraine | Information Dissemination and Equal Access (IDEA) - Ukraine | 25 Sep 2012

Maria Muzhuk together with Head of the Booard of NGO 'Chayka' that operates the IDEA Center in Rivne



From her old friend, Maria learnt about the IDEA Training Center in Rivne, and about a possibility to take computer courses free-of-charge in convenient for her time. At the courses, the woman quickly learnt how to work with texts, tables, databases, and Internet. She studied hard, accurately attended all classes, and also visited the Center additionally to improve the knowledge she was receiving in the training sessions and practice her Internet skills. Even before she graduated from the training courses, Maria had a successful interview for a position of the head of a warehouse. She now works there. The woman has been successfully coping with her workload, and she satisfied with her salary. ‘It is thanks to the IDEA Training Center, I have this job that I had been looking for a long time” – said Maria during her most recent visit to the Center.

Maria had worked as an accountant for several years at a private company, but the salary there was very small and nothing indicated that it could increase. The woman realised that if she does not change anything she would always live in poverty because for her salary she could not afford even for most necessary things. She tried to find good quality courses for improving her qualification but all of them were too expensive for her, and besides the training sessions were held at a day time, when the woman was at work. Taking leaves for attending these courses meant for her staying without the money to live for.