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08.06.2015 | elce | Project Harmony - English Teachers Association of Georgia - Joint Conference
On May 23rd, 2015 Guliko Janova, head of the English Department at Samtskhe-Javakakheti and I planned organized an English Language Teachers’ conference at Samtsikhe-Javakakheti university. 45 English teachers from the region attended Approximately,25 ELCE II student teachers and experienced teachers attended the conference

24.05.2015 | elce | Tbilisi Teachers Khatuna Khvedelidze & Natela Basilia Kill It Teaching Module 10
Khatuna Khvedelidze and Natela Basilia delivered an extremely successful workshop for Module 10 on May 24, 2015.

20.05.2015 | idea | Victory in the youth joiuralism contest!
NGO "Center Podillya Socium" recently took part in the contest "School of youth journalism”. In accordance with terms of the competition, college students, as part of newspaper teams, created electronic newspapers and placed them in the Internet (http://mammedia.com.ua/).
During this contest, students who used to attend the IDEA Center created by NGO "Center Podillya Socium" found knowledge and skills that had received at the Center very useful and helpful. On May 20, 2015 the long-awaited results of the competition "School of youth journalism" were announced. Two editorial boards from Vinnytsya were among the top three winners!!! Students of Donetsk National University (re-allocated to Vinnytsya) some of which used to attend trainings and consultations of “IDEA Porject Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark” took the first place, and students of Vinnytsia Pedagogical University - the third place.
The winners visited the International Media Forum, held in Lviv and received valuable prizes - modern digital video and photo cameras. We hope that knowledge that the students received in the IDEA classroom on how to work with photographs and place them in Internet will continue to help them, and the future journalists face new steps to success!

28.02.2015 | idea | Civic activism starts with IDEA
Kostyantyn Bleyanyuk (29) from Lutsk, 29 is a social activist. He recalls that he learned about IDEA Training Center founded by NGO "Volynski Perspektyvy several years ago, when he was a student of Eastern European National University, from its Career Center. He says: “Then I attended an information seminar where I learned about opportunities provided to active participants of civil society organizations. After the seminar, I arranged a meeting with the Centre Coordinator, and from that moment my life changed. The IDEA coordinator gave me a list of portals and sites where I found so many opportunities for students and young people in general. I started traveling around Ukraine, and I learned how to stay socially active and to be able to solve problems and benefit society. Now I can say that I have achieved some success. I am a mentor and the School of Civic Activism, and I continue to develop. I would like to thank the IDEA training center for its wonderful job that really changes the lives of people.

22.02.2015 | idea | IDEA trainings hepled to start a venture
IDEA Coordinator and Head of the NGO "Zakhyst” (Protection) Olha Shevchuk says: "Dmytroy K. (23) after graduating from Vinnitsa Polytechnic Institute has encountered a problem of "the first job". After completing the course "Fundamentals of Web Design and Web Development" in our computer training center, which receives support from the project «IDEA supported by Microsoft YouthSpark», Dmytro decided to open his own business. Recently, he registered his private printing company. He is only at the beginning, but we believe in his success! Even after starting his business,Dmytro keeps attending our workshops on planning and development of one’s own business".
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