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22.07.2014 | idea | A way to success starts from small steps
Mykola Cherednik (22) tells about his experience in the project: "This year, I graduated with honors from Zhytomyr Military Institute named after S. Korolev, and my field of specialty is Electronic Systems and Complexes. Most of us know, however, how difficult for a graduate is to find a decent job. So, yet during my study at university I started participating in civic activities, and embarked on an educational project ‘Free University’. In early 2013, I took part in a training program ‘New Media in Action’ run by a youth NGO ‘Modern Format’, and in 2013-2014, I became an active member of the other project ‘School of Democratic Action’ managed by this NGO. Also with the assistance of IDEA training center opened by NGO ‘Modern Format’, I attended training courses run in June 2014 within IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark, and a seminar ‘IT School for NGOs’, where I received information about CRM-systems and got some SkyDrive skills. Thanks to this knowledge, I was able to improve my information support to ‘Free University’, and establish effective communication with the project stakeholders through social networks and media. And most importantly, my active public position coupled with the skills I obtained, helped me get the position of Executive Director at a charitable organization ‘Zhytomyr Community Fund’, development of which is now my top priority.”

10.07.2014 | idea | Received a practical experience, skills and work in my profession
Halyna Andrusyshyn (23) from Ivano-Frankivsk tells about her experience in ‘IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark’: "Recently, I graduated from the Prykarpatsky National University in my city with a degree in Programming. Unfortunately, I did not have enough of practical experience, and I could not find a job in this field. However, actually by accident, in Internet I found information about a possibility of taking trainings in IDEA training center run by NGO ‘Business Award Foundation’ and other assistance provided by the IDEA Center to the unemployed and students. Soon, I contacted the IDEA Center and took training in using office software, and in computer security and safety. After this, I myself received a possibility to conduct trainings at this IDEA Center and train other project participants. Also, upon graduation from IDEA trainings, I was invited to develop Web-sites of an online furniture store partnering with our IDEA training center. This way, thanks to the project, I received a practical experience, skills and work in my profession.”

30.06.2014 | idea | "My first trainer experience"
The project trainings, along with many unemployed people, are attended by young volunteers participating in other activities of our NGO partners. After their take IDEA trainings, these young people gain additional skills and knowledge that helps them to become professionals themselves. For example, one of volunteers of Tokmak-based NGO "Ortega y Gasset" that joined IDEA network in 2014, Denys used to attend several trainings and this IDEA Center as a trainee. But in June 2014, after Denys participated at a seminar "IT school for NGOs" held by Microsoft Ukraine in Kyiv, he successfully started conducting IDEA trainings himself. Denys shared his experience of realizing this opportunity. He says: "Even though I took trainings at my IDEA Training Center and participated in the second" IT School for NGOs "at Microsoft, I was incredibly nervous during my first training. Its topic was “Windows 8 (Farewell XR!)” that I myself went through during “IT School for NGOs”. Though I was prepared and confident that everything would according with my plan, this new experience of working with people and the presentation topic - all made me a little nervous. As a trainer, I must make sure that people who attended the training understand me, and I should be aware of their interest in my information. Fortunately, most of the audience was young, so I quickly found the approach to communication and understanding with my students. And, in a quiet mood, but with focused concentration, time flew by me unnoticed. Information about the modern style of Windows 8 came out of my mouth itself. I thought only about using my time efficiently to manage to present out the entire volume of materials that I have prepared. For the first time, the youth heard enough information, and I'm happy with my result, but I will not lie - I still have to learn a lot from my trainers. I felt immense relief at the end of the training, and realized that I really like this thing. I'm sure that this experience was my first but not the last training session, and I do not plan to stop at that."

13.06.2014 | idea | Financial support from municipal government
NGO "Centre Podillya-Socium" actively partners with IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark and delivers computer training to youth, particularly disadvantaged young people. Recently, the organization won a grant at the 2014 social projects contest held by Vinnitsa City Council. The City supported its project proposal "Uniting Generations" which aims to improve the living standards of the elderly through the mastery of modern information technology. Assistance for older people in learning the basics of computer literacy during the project is going to be provided with a help from student volunteers. The main component of this success was that in February 2014, the organization received free Microsoft software licenses for 10 computers. Congratulations to "Centre Podillya-Socium" on this success!

12.06.2014 | acett | Improved School Library in Dusheti
The project, initiated by the students and a civics teacher of Dusheti public school #2, aimed to promote reading among peers
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