PH International


Daria Khrapova
Lead Progam Manager

Daria Khrapova is a Lead Program Manager at PH International. Currently her work focuses on managing PH’s Mobile Literacy project, a new initiative in Russia with plans to expand to other countries, and advising on Participant Training Programs across the organization. Daria joined PH International in August 2007 as a Regional Program Manager for the Community Connections program and later headed the US-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Exchange program. Since 2010 Daria has been a key advisor in numerous projects funded by corporate donors such as Cisco, Intel and Microsoft.

Daria has more than 17 years of programming experience in participant training and human and institutional capacity development with international NGOs. Daria holds a diploma in philology from Moscow State Teacher Training University and a retraining diploma in management of social projects from the National Research University’s Higher School of Economics.

Outside of work, Daria enjoys traveling and hiking, as well as spending time with family and friends.