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Success Stories

Youngsters from the remote villages of the Kaliningrad region took a small step toward their future by participating in Hour of Code 2015. | it for youth | 1 Mar 2016

For the second year in a row, the IT for Youth project training center in Kaliningrad had great success when participating in the Hour of Code campaign. This year the center has expanded the initiative to reach Russian youths in remote areas and inspire them to learn basics of Computer Science and coding.

Every step, two step | iteach | 1 Oct 2015

Observer - coordinator - the author - tutor .... Every step, two step ... Part of the success is the result of a long journey! After all, moving forward on a step to step, from the interesting cases and not, this way and defines it. I think the success - it is a certain result of the continuous and persistent activities aimed at achieving the objectives of this - getting to meet the state of happiness from what you have done, it is - a constant forward movement that you like. Success - it does not wait for something to happen, and to achieve this.

Happy with the new job! | ml | 1 Oct 2015

Sixty-two year old Galina Shmeleva received a smartphone as a present from her granddaughter, but was not at all happy with this gift. She thought that it was next to impossible for a person of her age to learn how to use this modern gadget. In the Seniors Council of Tambov, Galina found out about a free mobile literacy course and enrolled. The training was interesting and exciting. Galina realized that her smartphone has almost unlimited potential and during the training she learned about various useful smartphone features and apps. She set up mobile internet, downloaded e-books, music, an app to edit photos and to plan routes to avoiding traffic jams.