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The purpose of the Mobile Literacy project is to provide people with awareness, knowledge, and skills for using their mobile devices as tools for accessing resources that can significantly improve their lives. The Mobile Literacy Project will do so by providing free on-line as well as face to face training to people on how to use mobile devices and apps effectively, safely, and responsibly to access new resources and to expand their awareness of the important role that mobile devices can play in this effort. In addition, through the exposure to the potential of mobile devices, the participants will get an idea of the potential of informal learning through smartphones.  The participants will be familiarized with the idea of mobile learning through an introduction to educational apps and sites that offer online courses for free in a variety of spheres. The Mobile Literacy project is supported through a private donation.

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Happy with the new job! | 1 Oct 2015

Sixty-two year old Galina Shmeleva received a smartphone as a present from her granddaughter, but was not at all happy with this gift. She thought that it was next to impossible for a person of her age to learn how to use this modern gadget. In the Seniors Council of Tambov, Galina found out about a free mobile literacy course and enrolled. The training was interesting and exciting. Galina realized that her smartphone has almost unlimited potential and during the training she learned about various useful smartphone features and apps. She set up mobile internet, downloaded e-books, music, an app to edit photos and to plan routes to avoiding traffic jams.
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Mobile Literacy training for grown-ups and seniors | 31 Jan 2015

Natalia Nemanova is one of the first participants of the Mobile Literacy training for grown-ups and seniors that was conducted at the Northern Arctic Federal University (NArFU) in Arkhangelsk in January 2015. Natalia is a librarian at NArFU. She enjoyed the ML training course and commented that she had learned about a wide range of opportunities that mobile devices offer in modern life. The trainers encouraged participants to test various apps and began using them in practice. “Now I use Viber to talk to my relatives living in other cities free of charge. I learned how to make doctor’s appointments using my smartphone and receive other e-doctor services online. As a result of the training I began managing my bank account using Sberbank mobile app. The Mobile Literacy training program is well tailored. It is logically and conveniently divided into several modules that are applicable to various life situations. I am grateful to our trainers for their patience and attention”.
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