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US Russia Speakers Program

Country: Russia
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PH International provides financial and logistical arrangements in support of the US Speakers Program. Each year the Speakers and Specialist Program (SSP) Office at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow funds the travel of U.S. experts to Russia to provide the opportunity of citizen-to-citizen contact with Russian audiences, with the main goal of sharing their professional experience with Russian colleagues and discussing important issues of mutual interest. Through the SSP, Russian audiences are offered a unique opportunity to engage and share experience with invited U.S. Speakers and receive training and ideas necessary to expand their professional knowledge and expertise. During their trip to Russia, the Speakers will make presentations, conduct trainings, workshops and master classes, as well as offer media interviews on subjects varying from economic development to health care and the arts.

Program News

Current trends in American community journalism | 31 Mar 2015

Joe Grimm, Editor in residence at University of Michigan shared his experience in teaching journalism as well as his perspective on journalism ethics and standards. He also spoke about his hometown Detroit, and specifics of reporting for local televisions and newspapers. Another important aspect of Joe Grimm’s talk was discussing media effect on solving various problems in socially and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods: how to raise awareness without creating negative hype? Mr. Grimm toured the North-West of Russia, including St. Petersburg and Arkhangelsk in March 2015.
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Empowering Teachers and Learners with Innovative Technology-enabled Tools for Exploration and Inquiry, Problem Solving, Creativity and Innovation through the Smithsonian Digital Learning Laboratory | 28 Feb 2015

Stephanie Norby, Director of Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access travelled to Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok in February. Ms. Norby spoke about exciting opportunities for worldwide educators available through Smithsonian Institute. Those who came to her presentation not only enjoyed her talk but got to try some of the techniques themselves, e.g. achieve photography.
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Suburbia in America: The Architecture of Urban Design by Dr. Ellen Dunham-Jones | 19 Jan 2014

On December 4-10, 2013 Dr. Ellen Dunham-Jones, award-winning architect, visited Moscow. Dr. Dunham-Jones held series of discussion and lectures "Suburbia in America: The Architecture of Urban Design". Ms. Dunham-Jones has won several awards for her architecture in the U.S., particularly in suburban America. She is a board member of the Congress for New Urbanism, author of "Retrofitting Suburbia: Urban Design Solutions for Redesigning Suburbs", and is a leading expert in finding solutions for redesigning and redeveloping aging suburban properties into vibrant centers of community. She also teaches contemporary architecture at Georgia Tech University.

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