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Unemployment among youth globally is more than twice that of the adult population.  The gap between those who are looking for work and the knowledge and skills needed to compete for successful employment is vast.  In Russia, as in many countries, the need for IT industry professionals now and in the future is outstripping the available workforce.  To meet their country goals, Russia needs to grow its IT ready workforce.   Tvoy Kurs:  IT for Youth, a project implemented by Microsoft in collaboration with PH International, is designed to help reduce this employment gap among youth in Russia and within the IT industry in their country.

Tvoy Kurs:  IT for Youth engages senior class students in creative IT learning opportunities and the potential of IT as a future career by learning more about the industry and the various professions connected to information technologies.  The project also provides opportunities to gain practical skills and knowledge in the field as a gateway to  future employment.   IT for Youth has a special emphasis on reaching disadvantaged youth and those in difficult life situations including pupils aged 15 to 24 from out of home settings and those with disabilities.

More specifically the goals of the "Tvoy Kurs: IT for Youth" project are: assistance to students of the senior classes in professional self-determination; orientation of young citizens on the professions  that are in demand in the social and economic spheres; motivation to participate in  training in modern information technologies and improvement of technical skills as  a basis of career opportunities, successful continuation of training in the highest and average special educational institutions, and  acquisition by students of the competencies necessary for successful employment.  Students will interact with IT professionals, acquire competence in IT skills like basics of computer literacy, safety on the internet and skills in developing code.  They will participate in project competitions and join with other students in socially significant activities.


Program News

DigiGirls 2017 | 24 Apr 2017

From March 14h through April 14th, 2017, PH International successfully held the DigiGirlz campaign in Russia within Microsoft IT for Youth project. The goal of the campaign was to ignite girls’ interest in technology studies and IT careers, and give them the opportunity to discover their full potential with the help of technology and explore their possible IT-career paths.

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Nationwide network of volunteers | 27 Oct 2016

One of the most significant recent achievements of IT4Youth has been launching the nationwide network of volunteer-led after school coding clubs to provide young people from all backgrounds with the chance to start/continue their Computer Science education and learn programming skills that are becoming a necessary requisite for many technology careers.

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Digital Girls in IT for Youth | 17 May 2016

During the last week of April 2016, in cooperation with Microsoft, PH International with its IT for Youth project hosted the DigiGirlz events in Russia! The events were held within Microsoft global initiative #MAKEWHATSNEXT and aimed at igniting girls’ interest in technology studies and IT careers, and giving them the opportunity to discover their full potential with the help of technology and explore their possible IT-career paths.  


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Success Stories

Youngsters from the remote villages of the Kaliningrad region took a small step toward their future by participating in Hour of Code 2015. | 1 Mar 2016

For the second year in a row, the IT for Youth project training center in Kaliningrad had great success when participating in the Hour of Code campaign. This year the center has expanded the initiative to reach Russian youths in remote areas and inspire them to learn basics of Computer Science and coding.
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Senior School Students from Astrakhan created their first software application. | 5 Feb 2016

Programming is one of the most valuable skills you can pick up in these modern times, whether for career prospects or to stretch your brain and create something awesome. The programming courses that IT for Youth project offers to its young participants allowed the senior school students from Astrakhan to create their first software application and make a step forward on their way to an IT career.
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Nothing is impossible, unless you think it is | 16 Nov 2015

Incredible, world-changing software innovations often come from students. The Russia-wide Master of Code contest for youth that was carried out by Microsoft Rus in collaboration with the Tvoy Kurs: IT for Youth project in March 2015 helped to reveal the next student tech genius!
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