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Practice of using webinars

Russia | Intel Corporation ITeach for the Future Program | 25 Jun 2010

Last month the practice of using webinars is developing in ITEACH program. It’s very actual and demanded because of huge distances of Russia. The last webinars are:
The 22nd of May, 2010 (International Scratch Day) - webinar “Using Scratch for project based learning” conducted by program expert Evgeny Patarakin. About 40 participants  from different regions took part in the webinar.
The 8th of June, 2010 - webinar for tutors on the Leadership Forum traiing for administrators of educational instittions conducted by Alexander Bannov, pogram expert. About 60 tutors from different regions took part in the webinar.
10th of June, 2010 -webinar “Using wiki technologies in crowd lawmaking”. Webinar spekars Vasiliy Burov and Evgeny Patarakin represented technology of discussion and upgrade of the chapter of Federal Educational law carried into effect at the on-line platform