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What and how to learn and teach in the XXI Century?!

Russia | Intel Corporation ITeach for the Future Program | 18 Jan 2012

Intel's Fourth International education conference, "What and How to Learn and Teach in the XXI Century", took place on December 9, 2011 in Moscow. It was organized by the Intel Teach Program in Russia administered by PH International.

The conference brought together nearly 200 people: coordinators of the best teaching centers and winners of the Intel contests “Teach to the Future" and "Intel Education Galaxy", program partners and guests from educational institutions from all over Russia, as well as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Estonia.

This conference was dedicated to Intel's Teach program achievement of 10 million teachers trained in more than 70 countries around the world and the 10th anniversary of the program in Russia. All of the people who made the program successful and meaningful for education in Russia - managers, coordinators, experts, partners and program volunteers - came to the conference.

Intel Teach team managed to raise about $16,000 from partners and sponsors including the leading companies in Russia,SMART and POLYMEDIA, which provide equipment and technology solutions for education. Funds raised from sponsors helped to create an "interactive classroom of the future" with interactive white boards, innovative equipment and stands. The interactive classroom hosted open space workshops and seminars during the conference.

According to interviews after the conference, the participants highly assessed and appreciated the content of the event, how it was organized and the work of trainers and facilitators:
Natalia Kudimova (Nizhny Novgorod) "The organization of the conference was excellent, as always. Workshops were interesting and useful, and my participation in the open discussion allowed me to gain a new teaching experience. I think I will actively use these new forms of teaching in my classroom (not just with teachers but also with the students.) Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this amazing event! "
Khuraman Mamedova (Baku, Azerbaijan): "Thank you very much for this conference, your hospitality and an opportunity to share experience, as well as for lively communication through active discussions, which set the basis for new ideas and further cooperation. Looking forward to participate in a new event!"
Ludmila Rozhdestvenskaya (Tallinn, Estonia): "Very competent organization of the conference in which there is much space for self-organization."

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the Iteach program in Russia, Intel officials awarded the PH team with a certificate of appreciation for its contribution and development of the program in Russia.

Managers of the Iteach program thank all the PH staff for support and cooperation in organizing such an important event..

You can find photos taken during the conference at:
Watch a video greeting from Shelley Shott, global director of the Intel's education programs: