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Alumni Assistants - October 2012

Russia | American Centers and Corners in Russia | 9 Nov 2012

October 2012 has become a very fruiful month in terms of various events – starting from useful educational seminars to merry and frighting Halloween celebrations. Several initiatives of USG alumni in different Russian cities were aimed at teaching kids and students while sharing knowledge and experience, such as grants seminar in Saint-Petersurg, Brain Side Painting workshop in Kaliningrad and O. Henry short stories recording in Saratov. Two American holidays – Columbus Day and Halloween – we celebrated in several American Corners throughout Russia. In many cities alumni met to communicate, share their successes and develop their future plans. Alumni in Yekaterinburg, Saint-Petersburg and Chelyabinsk had a chance to enhance their professional scope by attending trainings while alumni in Volgograd and Nizhniy Novgorod met with US officials and native speakers.

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