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Russia | IT for Youth | 9 Aug 2013

Aleksandr Fedosov, a 3rd year student at Omsk State Railroad Engineering University, majoring in automatics and control software:

“This project taught me a lot. First of all, public speaking skills were something I really wanted, much more than other many perks that the program offered. I remember the very first event where I spoke in front of two groups of high school freshmen. At first they didn’t really take me seriously, but then I was able to use the teaching skills and technologies they had taught us during the volunteer training at AIESEC, and by the end of my presentation everyone was listening. I can also say, with every confidence, that many of the students found the project really useful. Maybe there were some who remained cold and indifferent, but there were quite a few who stayed behind after the training to ask more questions.”

“Secondly, it is exciting for me to be able to make a difference in someone’s life simply by being a role model and sharing my own story. Many high schoolers asked about college life and choosing the right school for an IT career. Who better to tell them all about it? And there are some things that I told them that I am not sure they would have heard otherwise. So maybe my input would make a difference in what school or major they choose. I honestly did not try to push the IT field, only provided reliable information. However, I am glad that our training was an incentive for many students to pursue IT majors in college, and they chose it with full understanding and not because of any pressure on my side.”

“I was especially struck by this one kid. He had watched his Mom die when he was really small, and then he and his family had a very hard time; they never had enough food, so when I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he said he was hoping to become a pastry chef. He was a high school sophomore at the time and had already developed his own module for Warcraft 3, a very interesting project with quite a few fans. He really has what it takes to be an excellent IT specialist, and I am glad to have been able to help him. After the training he came up to me with some questions about higher education and job opportunities in the area of IT as well as about ways of promoting his projects. After our conversation he left really empowered and inspired. I hope that this IT training will help him to find his calling in life. In his turn, he left a profound impression on me, giving me a great emotional boost for further work. It was simply wonderful!”

Aleksandr Skudarnov, a 5th year student from Tomsk Polytechnic University, majoring in integrated computer control systems:

“Success for me is stepping out of my comfort zone, gaining new experience, new strength, new smarts. During my time as a volunteer trainer I organized career orientation events for 300 high school students in two different schools, in one of them – for the entire high school body. Maybe that’s not a lot, but, as a result, more than 70% of all the participants decided to look for training and jobs in IT.”

Tvoy Kurs: IT 4 Youth tackles an important issue for all XXI century students and professionals, namely that of higher education. As an engineering major, I can say that by the time you’re in the graduating class of college, you begin to appreciate just how important it is to invest every effort in your own training, self-development and ongoing learning, both professional and personal. As an active participant of various volunteer initiatives and an alumnus of AIESEC, which fosters youth leadership development, I couldn’t pass by this opportunity to share my personal experience with younger kids. I am interested in hearing what they have to say, what they want to be, what goals they are setting for themselves now and, of course, I want to show them all the merits of modern technological education.”

“I had always imagined myself working primarily with software or equipment, so it was a joy to make some unexpected discoveries about myself – which I also count as success. Apparently I really enjoy working with people, teaching them and helping them grow. At the moment I am really focused on applying myself in education and academia. I have already secured a position with my own university and will be teaching alongside other faculty members of the chair for integrated computer control systems. Before I graduate, I am hoping to develop some new teaching technologies, ways of updating course content, and improving student feedback in a learner-centered classroom. Working as a volunteer IT trainer has given me diverse experience in the areas of presentation and public speaking skills, training development, and information and resource search.”

“I was encouraged to see how open and understanding high school teachers were – especially Tatyana Vasilyevna, assistant principal for research and methodology, who was my direct supervisor. On the other hand, it was really discouraging to see how little kids believe in their own abilities, and how few of them choose to take advanced courses and graduation exams in complicated subjects like physics, that would enable them to enroll in schools and majors of their choice. So I made sure to tell them about my own preparation for high school graduation exams and to teach them about the importance of setting and working towards life goals.”

“At the moment I am doing an internship with an international oil company, and my responsibilities are directly connected with IT technologies. I am often asked to develop presentations and speak in front of large groups of people, which, after the training I did with high school students, is not an all a daunting task. I am very happy about my choice to major in engineering and my development as an IT trainer. A strong desire to share my own experience propelled me to participate in Tvoy Kurs: IT 4 Youth, and I am deeply grateful to the Project’s team for providing both high school and college students with this wonderful opportunity.”


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