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Thirty students under the guidance of ten native speakers learnt and played in Ufa ACCESS camp

Russia | English Access Microscholarship Program | 30 Jun 2012

ACCESS English Language Summer Camp for 30 youth from low-income families in Ufa and the environs was held from 9th June till 29th June, 2012 and lasted 14 full days. The campers had a marvelous opportunity to upgrade their EL conversation skill in an informal setting, Russian American cross-cultural communications with their 6 EL instructors based on modules and sessions which related closely to their hobbies and pastimes such as games and exciting activities, the Internet and the IT, sports, arts and crafts, singing, dancing and drama, Bashkir-Russian-American cross-cultural values and parallels, etc. Also, all campers were able to increase their leadership potential having participated in the effective “Leadership School” with 3 counselors as part of the EL Camp.

The highlights of the Bashkir American EL Camp in Ufa included the participation of instructors from the USA such as Senior EL Fellow Mr. Erik Lundell, Fulbright ETA specialist Juliana Jordan and also 8 other US instructors from American Bashkir InterCollege in Ufa. The presence of such an able international team from the USA in the EL Camp has provided an astounding success for the Camp and invigorated the campers very much indeed.

Also, the campers had a wonderful opportunity to participate in the topical events such as Simulated Climbing Session, American Symbols Day, Crazy Hair Day, My Idol, Sports Day, Water Balloons Fight, etc. etc.

All campers have been very happy to be in the Camp and have been very much impressed by how much they have learned, how friendly they have become and how confident they have become as the result of their communications with the American instructors. They feel the Bashkir American ACCESS EL Camp in Ufa has been a very special cultural and human landmark in their lives.