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Access Students in Russia Journey Far to Learn English

Russia | English Access Microscholarship Program | 24 Oct 2011

From October 16th to the 21st, Senior English Language Fellow, Erik Lundell, joined 30 Access students during their second week of a 21 day English language course held at the prestigious Russian Children’s Center, Orlyonok on the Black Sea. In addition to the highly communicative classes provided by the three talented Russian Access teachers, these promising young individuals from remote corners of Russia learned about American families, college football traditions, Halloween, the American West, Native American culture, and the U.S. national park system from a variety of presentations and activities conducted by Mr. Lundell. The Fellow also offered daily workshops to the Access teachers focusing on practical classroom applications that encourage creative expression. Many of these techniques were immediately and successfully implemented in classes. The visit also increased student motivation for communicating in English for authentic purposes, enhanced awareness of U.S. history and culture and developed vocabulary and structural knowledge of the English language.