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New instructors for CNAPS

Russia | Cisco Networking Academies for Public Service (CNAPS) Program | 25 Apr 2012

On April 14th, three additional instructors from Magnitogorsk, Smolensk, and Petrozavodsk finished their Cisco training at the Networking Academy in Yaroslavl. These certified young professionals will return to their cities and help to train new networking professionals who will volunteer their time and expertise to local service groups under the CNAPS program. According to Sergei Kuritsyn (Smolensk), the training was great: - "The Academy in Yaroslavl is great. Anton Noskov, the instructor, was full of enthusiasm teaching us theory and giving a lot of assignments to develop our practical skills. The training was very intensive; we slept not more than 4 hours a day. But the learning was fun and interesting".