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CISCO certification in Pyatigorsk

Russia | North Caucasus Entrepreneur Capacity Building Program | 7 Feb 2012

The students represent almost all republics of the North-Caucasus Federal District and even Armenia and Moscow.

The work of the Local Entrepreneur Institute is very attractive to young and even unemployed people due to its interactive approach to studies and guest professionals who come to lecture on most topical and practical issues of modern businesses in the region. Cisco Institute e-learning programs provide students with incomparable choice of various approaches to starting and choosing ways of running businesses, learning and proving sustainability of their plans.

The uniqueness of Cisco-WebEx online training can hardly be overestimated – the importance of running a “literate’ business in the region is of the highest priority for the life of thousands of people who live and work in the region and significantly contribute to the state-supported program of self-employment of citizens in the South of Russia.