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Bilateral Presidential Commission Exchange Women in Innovation group concluded their program in the USA

Russia | Forecast Participant Training Program Russia | 18 May 2011

In April 2011, Bilateral Presidential Commission Exchange Program brought a group of six individual women who are all involved in the promotion of innovation in business and entrepreneurship, either with the government or in a wide variety of private business to the US to expose them to mentorship and practical training that will enhance the skills needed to grow their businesses. 
The program took place in both Washington, DC and in the Silicon Valley area in California. In Washington participants had meetings with the Small Business Administration; the State Department’s Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs; the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; and the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. In Washington, they were also hosted at a lunch by the State Department’s Office of the Ambassador at Large for Global Women’s Issues. 
The participants felt that the training was very useful for them. The meetings in Washington gave them some good background, e.g., statistics for women in business in the US, which gave them insight into the US perspective on small- and medium-sized companies. 
In California, their program was arranged by US Market Access Center (USMAC), a nonprofit accelerator and incubator funded by the City of San Jose Redevelopment Authority and San Jose State University that focuses on emerging technology companies from other countries seeking to begin doing business in the US. USMAC designed a three-day workshop that focused on different business models, planning and accounting methods, and emphasized how to seek out mentorship and networks of support.
Inna Lipatova, Chief Editor, Co-founder and Co-owner of "Cultural Laboratories", Ltd, complimented the work of USMAC the training provider and mentors who helped the participants to develop Action Plans. "USMAC developed an excellent training based on Kaufman Foundation business training course. It combined theory and practical case-studies. All case-studies were topical for scaling businesses. The one-on-one mentoring provided by USMAC was a great idea and it was very helpful for developing our Action Plans."
There was also a day of site visits in the area that included meetings with women connected to various companies and organizations.
Anna Dulskaya, Partner and CEO of Commersant Travel Group shared her thoughts regarding the program: "It was great to start our work in Washington at 9 am by attending sessions at the US Department of State and then continue our meetings at the US Senate and Small Business Administration. It was interesting to discuss different topics with US government officials - from challenges in small business development in our country to the huge role of women in economy in the U.S. It was amazing to get to the Silicon Valley and spent a whole week discussing with American business gurus our urgent problems and concerns."