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Halloween in American Corners in Russia | acr | 1 Nov 2012

USG alumni as well as American Corners patrons had Halloween Parties!
Dressed up in scary and funny costumes, the participants made horror stories out of famous fairytales, acted out some funny Apocalypse scenarios, created magic amulets to protect themselves from ghosts, witches and zombies, competed in dancing techniques and chose the best costume. There were a lot of games (“Mummy” became the most popular game of the day!) and beautiful costumes. There were exhibitions devoted to Halloween, quizes, competitions, different games and contests.
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Simple story of Stanislav Fedechkin - North Caucasus Entrepreneurship Program graduate. | cisco / usaid ncep | 18 Oct 2012

While at school Stanislav started to work at a construction site but soon enough came to a conclusion that to become a successful businessman requires a high-quality business education.
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Alumni Assistants - September 2012 | acr | 9 Oct 2012

Fifteen Alumni Assistants have been recruited to continue working with USG alimni all over Russia in 2012-2013. Some new AAs joined the team to bring new ideas and to involve new alumni. Experinced Assistants are ready to conitue conducting trainings, roundtables, contests and charity events. In many cities Alumni Assistants started the program right away -- by celebrating, gathering, discussing and studying! September's highlight is the Birthday Party of the One-Year-Old Kirov American Corner! Congratulations!
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“Growing A Business” course opens at the Rostov International Institute of Economics and Business. | cisco / usaid ncep | 6 Oct 2012

The course has started on October 4th. The event was attended by prominent city and regional mass media correspondents.
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From 19 May till 9 June 2012 the North Caucasus Federal University held CISCO NCEP “Growing a business” course. | cisco / usaid ncep | 14 Aug 2012

During the course facilitators trained students in most topical issues in business, eliciting leadership qualities of participants, and their personal management style.
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The winners of “Bring your teacher to Space!” contest are experiencing their “Space-trip”! | acr | 31 Jul 2012

PH has arranged the visit to the US for two English language teachers, winners of the contest “Bring your teacher to Space!”
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During the three-week summer camp ACCESS students from Elista focused on US history and culture | access ru | 15 Jul 2012

ACCESS summer camp was held at Elista Classical Gymnasium in June 2012. The main theme of the camp was “The United States of Narn – Sun” focusing on the studies of history and culture of the United States of America.
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Read About American Centers and Corners' News in April - June 2012 Newsletter! | acr | 5 Jul 2012

American Corners Newsletter (April - June 2012) was published on
- American Holidays at the ACC
- American Weeks in Arkhangelsk
- Alumni in Focus
- Spring News from Irkutsk
- Vladivostok learns English through...
- Exploring Russian-American Cooperation
- Innovative Projects. Moscow
- All Russia Conference 2012
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Nalchik ACCESS Summer Camp came to its conclusion in Kabardino-Balkaria | access ru | 5 Jul 2012

Nalchik Summer Camp (15.06.2012-05.07.2012) for 10 children was held at Kabardino-Balkarian State University. Upon completion of the camp the students became more self-assured, sociable, and overcame their fear and shyness. They improved their language and communication skills by taking part in different activities and becoming team players.
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Thirty students under the guidance of ten native speakers learnt and played in Ufa ACCESS camp | access ru | 30 Jun 2012

ACCESS English Language Summer Camp for 30 youth from low-income families in Ufa and the environs was held from 9th June till 29th June, 2012 and lasted 14 full days. The campers had a marvelous opportunity to upgrade their EL conversation skill in an informal setting, Russian American cross-cultural communications with their EL instructors based on modules and sessions which related closely to their hobbies and pastimes such as games and exciting activities, the Internet and the IT, sports, arts and crafts, singing, dancing and drama, Bashkir-Russian-American cross-cultural values and parallels, etc.
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