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ACCESS English Language camp in Orlyonok to be held in October 2013 | access ru | 30 Aug 2013

It’s been the second year when PH International is responsible for the Access students’ trip to the All-Russia Children’s Center “Orlyonok”. This year 140 students were selected not only to spend three weeks on the Black Sea coast but to continue their intensive studying English language.
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Contest's winners visited the United States | acr | 27 Aug 2013

Every year PH International provides logistical support for professional development trips to the US for winners of different contests and quizzes hold by US Consulate General in Yekaterinburg. This year three high-school students and their English language teacher traveled to the US to learn examples of environment protection measures in Washington, D.C.
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Student volunteers won a trip to Imagine Cup 2013 | it for youth | 12 Aug 2013

June 2013 saw the official wrap up of the student volunteer program in high schools, jointly organized by Project Harmony and AIESEC as part of the Tvoy Kurs initiative. During the first project year 115 Russian and 30 foreign student volunteers held 1,200 career orientation and training events for high school students from 100 schools in various regions of Russia. Aleksandr Skudarnov, a 5th year IT major from Tomsk Polytechnic University , and Aleksandr Fedosov, a 3rd year student at Omsk State Railroad Engineering University majoring in automatics and control software, were awarded the title of Best Student Volunteers for their contributions to improving training methods and course content in career orientation training, and for achieving the best results in counseling and training high school students. Both received the top prize: a travel grant and a chance to participate in Imagine Cup 2013 Worldwide Finals where they got to see many innovative software projects developed by students from around the world.

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Winners of the IT Evangelist Contest | it for youth | 9 Aug 2013

IT-Evangelist Contest defined the best student volunteers of the project on the basis of the project year. Announcing the competition among the students, we encouraged them to share their success cases and results of their work within Your Course: IT for Youth project, as well as to evaluate the significance of their own efforts.
Many student volunteers indicated that participation in the project helped them to develop their potential and improve their skills.
Ten of the most active volunteers were awarded with letters of appreciation signed by the heads of Microsoft, PH, AIESEC, and got some discounts on international internships organized by AIESEC.
The grand prize, a trip to St. Petersburg for international Imagine Cup finals in 2013 has been shared by two of the best volunteers - Skudarnovu Alexander and Alexander Fedosov.
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Unforgettable: High Schoolers Meet the President of Microsoft Russia | it for youth | 25 Jul 2013

Six high schoolers, Aleksei Galkov, Elizaveta Litvinova, Elizaveta Tagirova, Daria Abramova, Andrei Semyonov and Aleksandr Tropnikov, accompanied by their mentors, spent two unforgettable days in Moscow, visiting the Moscow office of the largest IT corporation in the world and meeting Microsoft Russia’s President Nikolai Pryanishnikov. They got a first-hand account of Microsoft’s vision and plans for the nearest future and were introduced to the latest gadgets for Windows 8.
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New Forms of Assessment | iteach | 18 Jun 2013

An educational pamphlet was recently published written by Irina and Marina Ulanovskaya Pinsk and titled “New Forms of Assessment”. It is an excerpt of the Intel program “Teach for the Future” and highlights the program materials and assessment tool used by the Intel program.
> More is 5 year’s old! | iteach | 14 Jun 2013

June 15th, 2013 – Today, is 5 year’s old! Intel Teach would like to congratulate all the members of the community, wish them a Happy Birthday and remember all the successes over the past few years! We have partnered with “Nachalniki” for more than three years and are very proud of our partnership!
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Important events in the Intel "educational galaxy"! | iteach | 10 Jun 2013

The Intel program “Galaxy Education” announced a new projects, contests and competitions called "Teacher - Parent". The program encourage teachers to show parents of students how technology is used in teaching their children. Another program called "My Educational Inquiry" is aimed at identifying and fostering the development of mobile applications for education.
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Make provision for a rainy day but in good time | iteach | 23 May 2013

Eleana Vostrikova, coordinator of the initiative group in Novokuznetsk, invites teachers of the 4th-6th grades to participate in a summer session that will analyze the Rozraboke education program. During the session, teachers will play the role of pupils in 4th, 5th and 6th grades. Those that successfully complete the session will be invited to develop their own learning network project for the 6th and 7th grades in the following school year.
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Competition for the best success story - 2013 | iteach | 21 May 2013

The Intel Program “Education for the Future” is announcing a contest for the best success story of 2013. The competition is open to graduates as well as current program participants including coordinators, tutors, teachers, and students. Success stories will be accepted until December 13, 2013. This year we encourage the use creative visual tools. Winners will be chosen by a public panel and results will be announced on December 21, 2013.
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