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What Makes for a Successful Hackathon? A seminar for Tvoy Kurs regional coordinators! | it for youth | 26 Nov 2015

Hackathons are increasingly becoming popular events all over the world, bringing with them the opportunity for thousands of students to grow their coding skills and build a community of developers at their universities.

The hackathon movement has been spreading throughout Russia, but there are still many questions about what makes for a successful hackathon.  In response, the Tvoy Kurs staff in partnership with Microsoft Russia conducted a workshop for Tvoy Kurs center coordinators on orchestrating hackathons for school and university students.


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FORT ROSS IS BACK! | fort ross | 9 Nov 2015

We invite you to take part in "Fort Ross 2.0” Contest for Russia!

The two winning teams will travel to the United States in July 2016 and participate in the annual Fort Ross Festival.

INTERESTED? More information can be found here:
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Excellence through Collaboration: English Language Teachers’ Associations start a new academic year! | access ru | 2 Oct 2014

On September 25-27, 2014 a nice city of Kolomna in Moscow region hosted the international conference “Excellence through Collaboration”. Representatives of English Language Teachers’ Associations from all over Russia try to meet twice a year. One meeting is known as the “Umbrella Gathering”. The Umbrella Gathering is a meeting of association leaders who come together for a two-day program of brain storming sessions to define the most important issues, projects, trends in ELT for the coming year.
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Suburbia in America: The Architecture of Urban Design by Dr. Ellen Dunham-Jones | us sp ru | 19 Jan 2014

On December 4-10, 2013 Dr. Ellen Dunham-Jones, award-winning architect, visited Moscow. Dr. Dunham-Jones held series of discussion and lectures "Suburbia in America: The Architecture of Urban Design". Ms. Dunham-Jones has won several awards for her architecture in the U.S., particularly in suburban America. She is a board member of the Congress for New Urbanism, author of "Retrofitting Suburbia: Urban Design Solutions for Redesigning Suburbs", and is a leading expert in finding solutions for redesigning and redeveloping aging suburban properties into vibrant centers of community. She also teaches contemporary architecture at Georgia Tech University.

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ACCESS Alumni Association created in sessions at Orlyonok children’s center. | access ru | 21 Oct 2013

From October 16 – 22, 2013 the Russian Children’s Center “Orlyonok” hosted a workshop for ACCESS Alumni. Seventeen alumni representing 13 cities of Russia as well as ACCESS teachers and trainers gathered on the Black Sea shore to discuss the possible development of the Russian ACCESS Alumni Association.
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All-Russia Children’s Center “Orlyonok” Hosts Special ACCESS Camp | access ru | 20 Oct 2013

The Solnechniy camp of the All-Russia Children’s Center “Orlyonok”, talking place from October 10-30, is bringing together participants of the ACCESS program from across Russia. ACCESS is administered by PH International and funded by the English language office of the US Embassy in Moscow. ACCESS sites are located in 22 cities of Russia.
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ALL ABOUT U.S. Newsletter for American Centers, Corners and Shelves in Russia, July – September 2013 | acr | 2 Oct 2013

- American Holidays and dates at the ACC.
- American Diplomats at the ACC.
- Alumni Events.
- ACC for kids and children.
- ACC for ESL teachers.
- Alumni in Focus.
- All about education.
- Coordinators visit the US.
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ACCESS English Language camp in Orlyonok to be held in October 2013 | access ru | 30 Aug 2013

It’s been the second year when PH International is responsible for the Access students’ trip to the All-Russia Children’s Center “Orlyonok”. This year 140 students were selected not only to spend three weeks on the Black Sea coast but to continue their intensive studying English language.
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Contest's winners visited the United States | acr | 27 Aug 2013

Every year PH International provides logistical support for professional development trips to the US for winners of different contests and quizzes hold by US Consulate General in Yekaterinburg. This year three high-school students and their English language teacher traveled to the US to learn examples of environment protection measures in Washington, D.C.
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Student volunteers won a trip to Imagine Cup 2013 | it for youth | 12 Aug 2013

June 2013 saw the official wrap up of the student volunteer program in high schools, jointly organized by Project Harmony and AIESEC as part of the Tvoy Kurs initiative. During the first project year 115 Russian and 30 foreign student volunteers held 1,200 career orientation and training events for high school students from 100 schools in various regions of Russia. Aleksandr Skudarnov, a 5th year IT major from Tomsk Polytechnic University , and Aleksandr Fedosov, a 3rd year student at Omsk State Railroad Engineering University majoring in automatics and control software, were awarded the title of Best Student Volunteers for their contributions to improving training methods and course content in career orientation training, and for achieving the best results in counseling and training high school students. Both received the top prize: a travel grant and a chance to participate in Imagine Cup 2013 Worldwide Finals where they got to see many innovative software projects developed by students from around the world.

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