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The Intel® Teach Program was first launched in Russia during November, 2001 with PH taking over management in 2007. Each program cycle starts on February 1st and lasts for 12 consecutive months.


In July 2005, the Intel Corporation reached its first agreement with the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation to cooperate on program implementation across Russia. Regional educational authorities acknowledge the program as one of the most advanced and effective programs for ICT teacher professional development and finance a considerable part of program implementation in their regions. Partner organizations ensure courses are incorporated into the state defined curriculum.

In April 2009, Teaching and Methodical Expert Council assigned the stamp of the Ministry of Education to the “Project activities in the information education environment of the XXI century” textbook.

In 2011, it was 10 years since «Education for the Future» Intel program has been implemented in Russia. Within this period 10 million teachers all over the world have been trained under the International Intel program. Russia has trained 1 mln. people and takes an honorable 3rd place in the ranking of countries.

From 2007 to 2010, the content of the program has changed completely: a new distance course and 3 new F2F courses for beginning and advanced teachers and managers have been launched.

From 2011 to 2013, 4 Intel courses were launched under the “elements for self-education” topic.

As the part of the program the international conference "What and how to teach and learn in the 21st century" is held every year.

A new process of certification was developed and launched and 270 tutors have been certified. The Intel “Education for the future” expert community began its work. 300 experts are involved in the work of community.

The contest of the projects for programs graduates is conducted every year. The base of the best educational projects was created. The contest of success among graduates and contests for tutors and coordinators are also held under the program.

The winners of contests are invited to attend the international educational exhibition Bett in the UK every year.


Success Stories

Every step, two step | 1 Oct 2015

Observer - coordinator - the author - tutor .... Every step, two step ... Part of the success is the result of a long journey! After all, moving forward on a step to step, from the interesting cases and not, this way and defines it. I think the success - it is a certain result of the continuous and persistent activities aimed at achieving the objectives of this - getting to meet the state of happiness from what you have done, it is - a constant forward movement that you like. Success - it does not wait for something to happen, and to achieve this.
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"If I do not - That who If not now - That, when?" | 30 Sep 2015

The world is beautiful! Our task, making it better, do not hurt him. Remember you need if you decide to, then it will be responsible for yourself! That's my boys decided to enter in the network project "And yet it moves." This is our first serious work. Success is very important to us: faith in their own strength; teamwork of other, unfamiliar children; and a sense of responsibility not only for themselves; to understand that the success of the team depends on the coherence of the work of all the team members. I hope that my boys are adequately cope with this task.
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“Intel Teachers Community” at Irkutsk Secondary School N57 | 13 Dec 2007

Intel Teach Educational Center for teachers has been open at school since the year 2003. By the present moment about 150 teachers have been taught there, half of them are the teachers of school N57 - 70% of all the school staff.
“…A new community formed at school – “Intel Teachers community”. And computer class timetable now has a new line – “Consultations on projects”…”
- Elena Orlova, Irkutsk Secondary school N57 IT deputy director
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