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Information Dissemination and Equal Access (IDEA)

Country: Russia
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PH International collaborated with Microsoft Corporation’s Unlimited Potential (UP) Program and a broad range of Russian local libraries and other institutions on the Information Dissemination and Equal Access (IDEA) project, a program to expand technology access and training throughout the Russian Federation and Ukraine. IDEA fostered the development of digital literacy, providing online and Face to Face training through Microsoft's Unlimited Potential program, with a special focus on underserved populations, including the unemployed, senior citizens, people with disabilities, youth and residents of rural communities. Local computer centers provided a range of additional training to build employability in addition to computer skills.

Success Stories

Computers Make Dreams Come True for People with Disabilities | 4 Jan 2010

Thanks to her ICT skills, Kseniya Mukhina, an alumna of the Nizhny Novgorod special education boarding school for the blind and visually impaired, remains highly successful in her current pursuits and optimistic about her future.
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Better Qualifications for a Better Salary | 3 Jan 2010

After taking Spreadsheet Fundamentals in the summer of 2009, Pyotr Logachyov successfully passed qualifying examinations improving his professional qualification.
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The Hero of the Omsk IDEA Center | 30 Dec 2009

Leonid Mikhailov responded to the online ad inviting volunteer helpers to work at the IDEA Center in Omsk. Leonid suffers from vision loss but it didn’t prevent him from completing an IDEA training course and becoming a competent PC user who now assists new IDEA trainees with their practical assignments.
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