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Your Course: Digital Literacy (Tvoy Kurs)

Country: Russia
Category: Information Technology Programs


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The Tvoy Kurs/Your Course Project, in partnership with Microsoft Russia, provided training in basic and job-related computer skills with the goal of increasing employability and marketability among underserved and disadvantaged populations in Russia. E-skills and the advantages technology knowledge provides in competing for jobs and work-place advancement are particularly valuable assets for those who want and need to improve their economic prospects in our increasingly knowledge-based economy. The Project was implemented through the network of Сomputer Literacy centers throughout Russia  launched in partnership with libraries, colleges and universities and non-profit organizations with the assistance of regional and municipal authorities. Each center gave e-skills training in the Microsoft Digital Literacy and Unlimited Potential Curricula, free Internet access and access to Digiral Literacy Course; as well as training in capacity-building themes, in order to give participants marketable skills and stimulate community participation.

Success Stories

Novokuznetsk Volunteering Program Has a Great Start to 2013! | 25 Jan 2013

The Novokuznetsk Tvoy Kurs Center have analyzed the results of their volunteer groups work in 2012 and were very pleasantly surprised - their volunteers had managed to raise their work to a new record level! Around 5,000 people had taken part in activities organized and conducted by volunteers, with more than 200 people trained by them in the Digital Literacy course.
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Advanced provincials | 24 Jan 2013

Advanced provincials - it’s how jokingly the villagers of Uryupinsk municipal district of the Volgograd region trained in DL call themselves. Men and women, young and not very young, educated and not educated - all social groups’ representatives of the village are involved in modern computer technology training.
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High School Students and Senior Citizens Become Friends through Tvoy Kurs | 16 Jan 2013

With the help of students from Dimitrovgrad Comprehensive High School, Anatoliy Mamon not only acquired good computer skills but also began using them to help his ailing wife not to lose heart, teaching her how to use modern information technologies.
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