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27.02.2012 | glsp | New Schools Selected for the Georgian Legal Socialization Program
This year 20 new schools will join the Georgian Legal Socialization Program, thus increasing the total number of participating schools to 80. The schools were selected in Tbilisi as well as in other cities (Marneuli, Gori, Samtredia, Akhaltsikhe and Akhalkalaki) and covered Georgian population together with the representatives of ethnical minorities, which constitutes to one of the top priorities of the program.

Georgian Legal Socialization Program encompasses multiple directions. Notably, majority of the components are to be implemented at schools and subsequently require active involvement and participation of school administration and civil education teachers. To ensure this, the program staff conducted orientation meetings with the principals and teachers and informed them about the program, its aims, components and major activities. In addition, the staff members presented a new Legal Culture Textbook as well as inquired about the existing challenges in terms of juvenile delinqeuncy.
The introduction of the program was met with immense interest, the principals expressed their willingness and readiness to actively collaborate with the Legal Socialization Program and contribute to its successful implementation.
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