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17.04.2012 | zang | ZANG and UNICEF Join for One-Minute Videos by Armenian Juveniles in Conflict with the Law

The cooperation of ZANG program and UNICEF often brings exceptional and unexpected results. This time these two partners joint their efforts for making possible another unique project – creation of one-minute videos by juveniles.

During April 9-13 period sixteen teenagers from seven regions of Armenia have come together in Yerevan for one-week-workshop as part of the OneMinutesJr . This training is a part of wider project to end torture and ill treatment of children, supported by the European Union in partnership with UNICEF. The aim of the project was to write, film and produce movies that tell about the experiences the juveniles had while conflicting with the law. Though the assignment seemed simple, still it required not only creative approach and original ideas, but also accuracy and an ability to present everything in one minute only.

The young people (13 boys and 3 girls) from Gyumri, Alaverdi, Kapan, Ijevan, Vanadzor, Chambarak and Yerevan have been reported to the police in their cities for petty crimes, robbery, stabbing other teenagers with knives or in one case also for alleged rape. Since they are all still minors and their crimes were either not severe enough or could not be proven, they were not sentenced to serve time in prison. Instead, they were all handed over to Community Justice Centers for doing various community works.

After receiving the concrete instructions from Chris Schuepp, Kristina Kersa and Gor Baghdasaryan, the professional trainers of the workshop, the teenagers started working on film-making. Most of the participants produced films about the events which had taken place in their lives or the feelings they had in the past or still have.

The project resulted in creation of 16 different one-minute videos, full of emotions, actions and feelings touching the audience.

Almost all project participants expressed their gratitude for such an amazing opportunity to learn new skills, practice them and express themselves in totally new way. Besides, they all became friends and were assisting each other during the whole working week.

The final day of the project was signified by awarding the teenagers Certificates of Participation and watching of all films.

Check here to view some of the films:


">Second Chance 

.be">I am not guilty  

">Under Pressure  

">Pile of Shards 

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