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New initiatives for schools - Legal Culture, Forensics’ and Science and more

Georgia | Schools, Community & Police Engagement (SCOPE) | 29 Nov 2017


Presentations about the upcoming school initiatives were held in the target regions of the  SCOPE program, with participation of school principals and teachers of civil education from Tbilisi, Pankisi Gorge, Mtskheta and Gori. The presentation covered the goals and objectives of the program, previous experience, best practices and future plans for future cooperation.
Within the upcoming program the schools will benefit from several interesting initiatives, such as:

  • Legal Culture Classes for 9-grade students delivered by a police officer and civic education teachers.
  • Kids, Police and Safety. police officers meet with students of 5th and 6th grades to discuss road safety, healthy lifestyle etc., using non-formal education approaches.
  • Forensics’ and Science Enrichment Activities. Meetings with police officers about criminal investigation and setting up a mock crime-scenes at schools will bring forensic science to life and students will be able to practically experience the process of investigation.    
  • Police Academy Summer Camp. Unique opportunity for outstanding students to experience a regular busy day in the Police Academy, onsite trainings, practical activities and meetings with experts, that will further highlight and promote career opportunities in law enforcement. 

The representatives of the schools took great interest in the initiative and were motivated to be involved in SCOPE school programs for the goal of preventing juvenile delinquency, for supporting the community activities of the police and for offering students a window into certain roles and career paths.