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Police Officers Organize Basketball Game between Nigazeuli and Daba Shuakhevi Schools

Georgia | Adjara Community Policing Initiative | 25 May 2016

On May 25th Basketball game between Nigazeuli and Daba Shuakhevi Schools took place at Shuakhevi Sports Complex. As a former child basketball player, Nigazeuli Police Officer formed a group of 13 girls and 14 boys from 10h and 9th graders, who attended Legal Culture Curriculum classes and prepared them for the game, meanwhile Daba Shuakhevi police officer formed a group from 10 boys, who also participated in Legal Culture Lessons. In the first half of the game, teams formed by boys competed with each other, into the second half girls team competed with Daba Shuakhevi boys’ team. Nigazeuli Public School won the game. Though both schools were awarded with the certificates of acknowledgement, prepared by police officers. According to police officer from Nigazeuli Public School the game was all about building friendship and popularizing sports among youth in Shuakhevi. Police officer from Nigazeuli public school took part into the game himself and supported his team, while police officer from Daba Shuakhevi School actively mentored his team during the game. Deputy Head of Adjara Police Department attended the game, as well as teachers from both schools and the principal of Nigazeuli Public School. Students from both schools cheered on their teams. It should be mentioned that the event was fully initiated by police officers and students; police officers have planned all the organizational matters. It was preceded by community meeting on the topic of healthy lifestyle and the importance of sports in youth life. During community meeting basketball planning process was discussed as well as the list of necessary inventory for the event was submitted to ACPI program. ACPI program provided necessary sports inventory for the game. Shuakhevi Sports Complex accommodated its space for free and Nigzaeuli Public School provided students with transportation, school nurse also attended the event. It should be mentioned that sports instructors from both schools plaid huge part in training the students. Students couldn’t hide their excitement after the event and wished for more events alike. It should be mentioned that the event brought police and school students together and raised the team spirit!


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