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Youth Forums were held in all regions of Georgia

Georgia | Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program | 9 Feb 2017

In January and February, 2017 and  Youth Forums were held in all regions of Georgia. Youth Forums help students to identify the needs, critical for their schools and communities and address local decision-makers with these problems.

Students, teachers and school administration officials from MT partner schools in all regions of Georgia, took part in the forum. Participant students were divided into working groups, which were facilitated by civics teachers. Initially students have identified problems, which are critical for their municipalities, towns, villages and schools; they have then prioritized the topics for discussion: children’s rights, cooperation with local administration, promotion of healthy lifestyle, education and entertainment. These topics were discussed and project ideas were developed for those, which received most of the votes. Besides MT program will support best projects.

Later in a day, students presented the project ideas to local decision-makers, including the representatives of local municipalities and city council, regional educational resource centers, businesses and media. Youth Forums were covered by the local media.