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Study Visit of Civics Students in Kutaisi

Georgia | Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program | 15 Nov 2016

School based civics club students of MT program partner schools in Imereti region had a good opportunity to take part in study visits to Kutaisi.

Students visited one of the election districts in Kutaisi and met with representatives of the election commission. They got information about the election code and rules of elections for majoritarian party candidates.

Later during the same day students went to the energy efficiency laboratory of Kutaisi State University, where they attended a briefing about the importance of energy efficiency and watched a thematic cartoon.

At the end of the day the students visited Kutaisi Water Supply Company, got information about the water supply system and water reservoirs and attended a water testing process.

In all the sites of the visits the students were met by the representatives of the above mentioned organizations and received valuable information which will be useful for their civic activities in future .

“It was a very interesting day with lots of new information and important meetings; I especially liked the visit to the water supply company; I could not imagine that I would hear so many news about water," said Keti Akirtava, student of Nabakevi village public school.