PH International

Online conference with USAID Representatives

Georgia | Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program | 4 Mar 2015


On February 26, online conference for civics clubs students was held at Tbilisi Multimedia Education Center. Monika Gorzelanska, USAID Program Officer and Shamenna Gall, USAID Agriculture Officer were guest speakers of the conference and shared with students their own experience of volunteerism and civic participation in the US and in Poland. 

Students asked many questions regarding the projects that their peers voluntarily implement in other countries of the world, showed interest in gender equality issues and asked questions about “popular” and “unpopular” professions in the US. A total of 180 students from all regions of Georgia took part in online conference. In addition to questions asked by students directly in the studio, students from regions were also very active in communicating their questions via skype.

The online conference was organized in the framework of USAID-funded Momavlis Taoba Program, implemented by PH International.