PH International

Training on Reproductive Health and Gender Equality

Georgia | Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program | 20 Feb 2015

Training about Reproductive Health and Gender Equality was held for students from MT partner schools in Shida Kartli region. The goal of the training was to increase boys’ awareness about gender equality. Participants of the training discussed gender roles, gender-based violence, communication, sexual and reproductive health issues.

“Encouragement and empowering of women for establishing gender equality is not enough. The role of men is very important in this process. Unfortunately we don’t have enough information on gender issues; we don’t get gender-related knowledge at schools. It is very important to increase awareness among boys and girls, and provide them with information on gender equality and reproductive health at schools" - said Luka Dadianidze, participant of the training from the village Dzevera public school.


The training was organized in the framework of USAID funded Momavlis Taoba Program, which is implemented by PH International.