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“Promoting Citizen Initiative in Ejmiatsin”

Armenia | Armenia Community Action and Linkages for Legal Socialization | 9 Feb 2016

Within the scope of AM CALLS project, starting from December 1, 2015 “Cross of Armenian Unity” NGO in Ejmiatsin has launched the project “Promoting Citizen Initiative in Ejmiatsin”. Parents’ Club established within the project will meet on a regular basis; trainings and workshops designed for building the capacity of the parents and raising their awareness in positive parenting issues will be conducted both by the NGO staff and professional trainers/experts. The first introductory meeting with the parents was conducted in January 2016.


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Success Stories

Age Peculiarities and Adaption Practices Specific to Each Age Group | 2 Apr 2015

Over Twenty Syrian- Armenian women participated in the training organized in Yerevan by the two trainers who had recently completed training in “Non-Violent Parenting and Conflict Resolution” within the AM CALLS project. This initiative was the basis for an effective collaboration between “Save the Children” working with Syrian Armenians and PH International staff.
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Motherhood and Childhood | 9 Mar 2015

On March 9, within the AM CALLS project, the “Offenders' Rehabilitation Center” State Non-Commercial Organization of the RA Ministry of Justice (MoJ) organized an event called “Motherhood and Childhood” at the Abovyan penitentiary where female convicts carry out their sentence. During the event, over ten children arrived to the penitentiary from different regions of Armenia to meet their mothers and celebrate International Women’s Day with their mothers.
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