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News | Program: YouthSpark Ukraine

Quick Keyboard Printing training in Tokmak | 18 May 2017

For students and students of the Professional Lyceum in Tokmak, a "Quick Keyboard Printing" training took place. The main advantage of speed typing on the keyboard is the saved time, because, in the learning process, it is necessary to print large abstracts, courseware, etc. The method of fast printing on a computer will help to type characters and texts much faster, and thus to be less tired.
The trainer told the audience how to start by remembering the location of the keys on the keyboard. Students learned that certain keys are assigned to each finger, which greatly increases the speed and convenience of typing. Everyone tried to apply the acquired skills in practice. It turned out not so easy, because you need to rebuild your typing habits with two fingers. However, the coach encouraged the boys and girls to say that the main thing in mastering any skill is a regular training and practice. After several days of intense exercises, everyone can easily see the difference in the speed and simplicity in typing of texts.
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IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark helped Tokmak school youth to learn WordPress | 11 May 2017

For students and schoolchildren of School # 11 in Tokmak, a training was held on using the Wordpress content management system to create websites and blogs. During the class, students were introduced to four steps to create a free website: domain name registration, template selection, design settings and content publishing. The trainer told about the possibilities of choosing and changing the design of the site, and the moments that need to be taken into account when publishing information. Some students shared their plans: some want to create their own blog page, others in the future will create a website promoting their own professional services. With the help of IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark, the school youth got basic knowledge to implement these plans in life.
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Progrmming training for students of the Kornyn School | 11 May 2017

On May 11, 2017, a trainer of the IDEA Rivne Training Center Oksana Salyvonchyk conducted a progrmming training for students from the Kornyn School. During the implementation of simple tasks, the participants developed visualization skills. Also, students were able to master their knowledge in practiceby going through simple tasks and creating their own games. The students were pleased with the process and the uncomplicated form of presenting the training material. Some have even become more interested in a more complex training. The training took place thanks to IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark.
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Training "Possibilities for Programing" for unemployed youth in Volodymyr-Volynsky | 11 May 2017

On May 11, 2017, a training for unemployed youth was held at Volodymyr-Volynsky Municipal and Rayon Employment Center. During the exercises, the participants of the event got opportunities for programming and self-development. The coordinator of IDEA Center in Lutsk told the unemployed youth about the free resources they could use for self-development and start a programing career. In parallel, the coordinator demonstrated all the resources live on the Internet. After the completion of the training, many participants are applying to the IDEA Center for individual consultations.
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Kodu for students of Sarny Rayon Liceum | 25 Apr 2017

On April 25, 2017, Oksana Salivonchyk, trainer of the IDEA Training Center in Rivne, carried out the Programing Basics training for students of the 9th grade of the Sarny Rayon (District) Lyceum. The children successfully and with curiosity fulfilled all the tasks offered by the coach. Each participant had an opportunity to understand that it was easy to program. By performing simple tasks, children made algorithms. During the training, children developed coding skills and could consider whether they want to become IT-programers in the future.
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IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark helped students in Internet search of digital literacy resources | 12 Apr 2017

On April 12, 2017, the trainer of Rivne IDEA Training Center, Oksana Salivonchyk conducted a workshop for students of Rivne State Agricultural College. During the event, students were introduced to free online resources for self-education and raising their skills in civic education, computer skills and programing skills. For students, it was especially interesting to find new educational opportunities in the field of processing large volumes of information. The training took place thanks to IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark.
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IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark helps Tokmak youth to study WordPress | 7 Apr 2017

At the school # 11 of Tokmak, a training was held on using the WordPress content management system for 10th grade students. During the class, the schoolchildren, together with the trainer of the IDEA Tokmak Training Center, completed all the steps necessary to create the site. The students were informed about the importance of reading the domain name of the page, as well as the possibilities of choosing and changing the design of the site, and the moments to be taken into account when publishing information. The students had a lot of questions that the trainer immediately answered. The attendees at the training were impressed with the possibilities offered by the content management system WordPress.
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Kodu Game Lab presentation | 4 Apr 2017

On March 14th, the central city library of Tokmak was crowded. The next Hour of Kodu was visited by schoolchildren from the city school №5. From the beginning, boys and girls listened to the trainer’s presentation of Kodu Game Lab with a great interest. However, the most interesting was waiting for them later, when the students began to create games on their own. At first, they acted step by step. Repeating for the trainer, the students created the landscape and the simplest characters. But in 30 minutes on each screen, plants, trees, cannons and other objects were rolled out, programmed to perform simple tasks. Everyone was convinced that it's not difficult to create one's own game – it is quite simple, and most importantly - incredibly interesting!
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Seminar "Free opportunities for Programmer Skills Development" for the 10-11th grade students of Kovel City School # 8 | 27 Feb 2017

On February 23, IDEA center "Volyn’s Perspectives", together with experts of Kovel City Employment Center, held a seminar "Free opportunities for Programmer Skills Development: Prometheus Resources, and Hour of Code" for the 10-11th grade students of Kovel City School # 8. The students got familiar with virtual platforms, where they can start their own way as programming beginners. In a fun way and in the form of practical work, alternating with on-line lectures of Harvard University professors, young people will be able draw new knowledge on the way to getting their dream profession - a programmer.
Also, the school’s teachers received information about free resources, ready planned lessons, and handouts, which were developed by Microsoft specialists, for use in the educational process.
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Programming for students of Rivne Agricultural College | 27 Feb 2017

On February 27, 2017, the trainer of IDEA educational Center in Rivne, held a training on programming for the 3rd year students of Rivne Agricultural College. When performing simple tasks, students developed visualization skills. Also, the students were able to get familiar with a free platform that they can use during their studies in college. The students enjoyed a simple process and forms of presenting the training material, and some are even got interested in learning a more complex material.
The training was held thanks to support from IDEA Project Powered by Microsoft YouthSpark.
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